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Over the last decade, the project management office (PMO) has become a prominent feature in many organizations.

Despite the proliferation of PMOs in practice, our understanding of this phenomenon remains sketchy at best.

No consensus exists as to the way PMOs are or should be structured nor as to the functions they should or do fill in organizations.

In addition, there is no agreement as to the value of PMOs. Despite the importance of this phenomena and the lack of understanding, there has been very little research on this topic. A three-phase research program has been undertaken in order to develop a better

understand of PMOs. This paper presents the research strategy, the overall program, and the results of the first phase of the research.


Hobbs B, Aubry M. (2007) A multi-phase research program investigating project management offices (PMOs): the results of Phase 1. Project Management Journal  Vol. 38(1) s.74–86 (12 sider)


En klassiker om hvor mange funktioner PMO'er udfylder i organisationer - mangfoldigheden i begrebet. Første del af et større forskningsprojekt, som blev gennemført med støtte fra PMI, og som er blevet fulgt op af flere artikler senere.

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