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Agile and plan-driven methods - an appropriate mix i Webprojects

Article by Richard Baskerville, Balasubramaniam Ramesh, Linda Levine, and Jan Pries-Heje.

High-Speed Software Development Practices: What Works, What Doesn’t!


Fast development, low cost, and high quality have long formed a tripartite tension among software engineering goals. For most products, companies use traditional methods to maintain this tension, but products such as Web portals, which are developed literally on Internet time, require a lighter touch. In the past decade, development cycles for such products have shrunk from a year or more to one to
three months, to accommodate rapid and significant feature changes.

Coincidentally, there is a growing interest in agile methodologies such as Extreme Programming and Scrum that are more formal than hacking and less formal than traditional methods.Although agile and plan-driven methods are likely to be successful in their home ground, in many projects a hybrid mix of these methods might be most appropriate.We believe it is critical for developers to understand the pros and cons of some of the more popular practices so that they can better balance quality, cost, and development speed, and avoid reinventing solutions.

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