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Because Time Matters: Temporal Coordination in Global Virtual Project Teams

Abstract: This study explores the nature of team interaction and the role of temporal coordination in asynchronously communicating global virtual project teams (GVPT). Drawing on Time, Interaction, and Performance (TIP) theory, it is considered how and why virtual team behavior is temporally patterned in complex ways. Results of an experiment consisting of 35 virtual project teams comprised of 175 members residing in the United States and Japan are reported. Through content and cluster analysis, distinct patterns of interaction are identified and it is examined how these patterns are associated with differential levels of GVPT performance. The role of temporal coordination mechanisms as a means to synchronize temporal patterns in GVPTs is explored. The results of this study suggest that successful enactment of temporal coordination mechanisms is associated with higher performance. However, temporal coordination is per se not the driver of performance; rather, it is the influence of coordination on interaction behaviors that affects performance.


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Tags: communication, global, interaction, performance, project, teams, time, virtual

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