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Nyeste forskning om projektejerrollen - resultater fra enb større empirisk undersøgelse gennemført i Norge støttet af deres Center for Projektledelse. Fik prisen som bedste paper på konferencen.

Erling S. Andersen (2010) Illuminating the role of the project owner, paper præsenteret på Asian Pacific Research Conference on Project Management (APRPM), Melbourne, Australia February 25.-26., 2010. Kan downloades fra http://www.bi.no/Info-avdelingFiles/Forskningskommunikasjon/Illumin...



The Norwegian Centre of Project Management has conducted a research and development project to gain a better understanding of the role of the project owner and contributing to more professional project owners in the future. The paper reports results from the research.

The project performed a questionnaire survey among a stochastic sample of project management professionals and a series of in-depth interviews with very experienced project owners and managers. The intention was to reveal what the project owner of today looks like. The survey painted a picture of the present project owners as rather weak and not fulfilling the role as prescribed by theory. The interviews introduced a different view, showing a rather satisfactory performance of the project owners within the most experienced project-based companies.

The results from the average and the most experienced project-based companies gave raise to several propositions for further studies. They dealt with the effects of experiences, training, project management guidelines, and socialization for creating better project owners. The propositions were tested by a comprehensive questionnaire survey and illuminated which areas are of importance to achieve project success.

The paper concludes that use of project management guidelines and active project owners participating in creating a community with shared values contribute most heavily to project success. A proper project governance structure with close cooperation between the project owner and the project manager might also enhance project success.

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