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The article Global Virtual Teams for Value Creation and Project Success by Lee-Kelley and Sankey is based on a case study and outlines how virtual project management is able to create value and success when conducting projects by using virtual tools. The full article is available here: Lee-Kelley_2008_International-Journal-of-Project-Management.pdf and beneath you find a summary of the main points.

 The qualitative study on which the article is based on examines the difference between traditional project management and virtual project management in regards to challenges and outcomes. As mentioned in other articles, the challenges of culture and time zones are of great importance when conducting virtual projects which indicates that a long learning process is often necessary to implement the best code of conduct. But is it really possible to set up a ‘recipe’ for best code of conduct in virtual project management?

The article presents a case study which outlines the factors of importance in this particular case to ensure successful virtual project management which can be related to other virtual projects.

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