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Interview med Bent Flyvbjerg om menneskets fascination af kæmpebyggerier

Vores fascination af at bygge det højeste, det længste, det bredeste har konsekvenser - især økonomiske konsekvenser. Det mener Bent Flyvbjerg, økonom ved Oxford University's Said School of Business.

Hvorfor og hvordan kan man læse mere om i Quartz' interview med Flyvbjerg her

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A short something about energy projects...

Energy sources are essential to maintain the life we live today: Transport, the health industry, households and industries of all kinds depend on different energy sources.

Yet, producing and delevering energy may be a costly affair. CNN Money now introduces an article on the world's ten most costly energy projects. Did you know that constructing the Hoover Dam required a budget of 49 million dollars when it was built in 1936? This is equal to 825 million dollars with today's…


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