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Articles from the IPMA World Congress 2010 in Istanbul

From the IPMA World Conference in Istanbul November 2010 we present following jounals that may be of your interest and wish you the best love of reading.


Is there hope for a certified Project Manager in an agile world?

The article takes its staring point in various cases and discusses how certifying project managers according to the IPma standards affects their ability to navigate in an agile environment where structures and demands are constantely changing: 8.pdf


Management of Innovative Projects

This article focuses on how project management can be adpated to meet the innovative processes and changes in organisations. It takes its starting point in a cse concerning Ukranian research and suggests how project management, innovation and diversed projects can be linked together: management%20of%20innovative%20projects.pdf


Gender Equality in Programme and Project Management

This article is concerned with how the process of project management considers differences between genders, how decisions are made during the process and how evaluations of projects can strengthen future projects in order to consider gender equality: Gender%20equality%20in%20project%20management.pdf

Agile project managements in public events

The articles starts out with how IT has managed to implement agile project management. Hereafter, it focuses on what agile project management entails; transparency and independence and how this can be used in other sectors - such as public events: Agile%20project%20management%20in%20oublic%20events.pdf


Creating Sustainable Change: A new paradigm in Project Management

The focus of the article is how projects and project management can help to support changes in organisations and how project management can be used to ensure that the changes of and within the organisation are sustainable: Creating%20sustainable%20change.pdf

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