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Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th Dansk Projektledelse organised the Symposium “The art of managing projects – within a complex reality”. Focus was on the ability to improve project management in order to achieve better focus the results and increase implementation of project results.

One of the problems discussed was how to ensure that project management was not carried out solely as a top-down method with e.g. the management dictating needs that the members of staff do not identify with and thus may be reluctant to implement in the everyday life.

Special focus was on the importance of clarifying the needs in regards to project management and clarifying what kind of results that are wanted. To address these issues the symposium draw on examples from companies, such as Metropol and Varde Kommune that presented their process of project management and what challenges they had been facing during this.

In addressing the key questions of implementation and results both cases stressed the need for considering the needs of the members of staff during the project process. The notion of legitimacy was in centre, meaning that when carrying out changes as part of a project management it is often an advantage if the members of staff are represented by e.g. a mid-level manager closer to them, a so-called ambassador.

Morten Fangel, director of Dansk Projektledelse presented his 12 instruments to improve project management that overall are concerned with analysing weaknesses and strengths of the project process as well as identifying the needs to address the issue of improving project management.

An over view of the 12 instruments to improve project management can be found here:


You can read more on the symposium and the different workshops here: http://www.danskprojektledelse.dk/upload/Symposiet/2010%20Symposiet...

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